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Collages - mix media - and art paintings

The first time i used newspaper in an artwork, on a political way, was in 2007, after sawing on Newsweek magazine an advertisement for a Burger company with the title : Burgers are good for you, it was in big
just bellow, a picture of a dead soldier during Iraq war, when i saw the contrast between the two images, i just instinctively take the page and made a painting with it.

Tehos - Collages Lines

I start to use strip of papers professionaly in my work in 2005, it was on a circle made of strip of papers, I learn to do that when I was at school younger. The concept comes from an artistic movment from the years 1950 - 1960. In 2008, after some changes in my life, I experienced very difficult moment.
To survive as I cannot pay for my colors, I have start to use free advertisement magazines and newspapers  to do artwork with...and play with words as on the original concept from the years 50 - 60 ,and it works. Each one is made of thousands of pieces of those magazines.
It has become an habit to use them to remember hard time.
As this magazines always tells stories and event in the cities from where I take them, they are all memories  of a moment in a city life, if you take the time to read a little of them of course.

Tehos - Pigment ink

Tehos art draw

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