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Tehos kinetic Shappes

September 5, 2012

Aesthetic forms - Kinetic 

Tehos - Suspensions Immersives


Tehos - Suspensions immersives - Installation project and movie

Tehos seringues 2011

September 2011

Created by Tehos in 2011 - after the pills concept ( 2010 ) , the seringes as a consumer item.As if God, love, sex, art, dream, could be consumed by injections,as a drug,  if emotions, human feelings could be ordered, classified,distributed like medical drugs, candy, sold under orders.

Tehos Art Pills 2010


Created by Tehos in 2010 - The pills as a consumer item.As if God, love, sex, art, dream,could be consumed, bought and sold,as if emotions could be ordered as a drug, classified,distributed like candy, sold under orders.

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